20th June 2024
People social distancing on Barcelona beach front.
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Coronavirus in Spain figures (24 May)

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (2 June)

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Report below updated in Spain at 17h on Sunday 24 May

CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – today’s figures

The latest official figures for Coronavirus (Covid-19) released by Spain’s Health Ministry in Madrid at 4.45pm on Sunday 24 May show that 28,752 people have now died from the pandemic in Spain, an increase of 70 in the past 24 hours.

Saturday’s figures had seen an increase of 48 Coronavirus-related deaths over Friday. Friday had been an increase of 56 over Thursday. Thursday had been 48.

The current peak of recorded deaths related to Coronavirus in a 24-hour period in Spain was on 2 April, when 950 deaths were registered.

Official figures released daily by the Spanish Health Ministry are for the total number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus only through a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). That figure for Sunday 24 May is 235,772 – an increase of 246 over yesterday.

Saturday’s figure for the increase of infections only through PCR testing had been 361 over Friday. Friday’s comparative figure had been 446 over Thursday. Thursday had been 416.

The current peak of recorded infections for a 24-hour period in Spain was on 31 March, when 9,222 new cases were registered (including from PCR and antibody).

The Health Ministry has not released a figure for the number of people who have made a full recovery.

Of the official figures released by the ministry today – and based only on the total 235,772 confirmed cases through PCR testing – there have now been 67,871 cases in the Madrid region and where 8,977 have died (from the total 28,752 across the country). There have been 57,148 confirmed cases in Catalonia and where 6,701 people have died.

There are now 13,476 known cases in the Basque Country (1,494 deaths), 12,600 in Andalusia (1,391), 16,889 in Castilla La Mancha (2,940) and 11,073 in the Valencia region (1,393).

Figures for those infected with Coronavirus in other regions are now as follows: Aragón 5,646 (858 deaths), Asturias 2,397 (308 deaths), Balearic Islands 2,041 (222), Canary Islands 2,322 (157), Cantabria 2,289 (209), Castilla y León 18,789 (1,961), Ceuta 124 (4), Extremadura 3,047 (506), Galicia 9,105 (613), Melilla 121 (2), Murcia 1,579 (149), Navarra 5,219 (509) and La Rioja 4,036 (358).

A full breakdown in Spanish of the data per region, together with age group statistics can be found by clicking here.

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People social distancing on the beach front.
People social distancing on the beach front in Barcelona. (Isaac Planella / Barcelona.cat)


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Saturday that tourists should start to prepare for the summer season in Spain and that La Liga matches can restart from 8 June. Please click here for our report of yesterday.

The Spanish government has also said that certain areas of Spain could be lifted from the ‘state of alarm’ in the coming days – instead of remaining with the exceptional measures until 7 June.

The Spanish Congress voted during the week to extend the ‘state of alarm’ in the country until Saturday 7 June.

It is the fifth time it has been extended – and it is officially set to remain in place as Spain also continues to lift lockdown restrictions with its four-phase de-escalation plan.

For further details of the vote in the Spanish Congress, please read: Spanish Congress votes to extend ‘state of alarm’ until 7 June.

Phase Two starts from Monday 25 May

From tomorrow, Monday 25 May, all areas of Spain will either be in Phase One or Phase Two of the de-escalation plan to lift lockdown restrictions.

We have published all the key rules and measures regarding the four phases in a separate report, together with full details of the current ‘phase status’ for each region and province. We are currently updating with details of all the measures for Phase One and Two. The report can be found here: Lifting of lockdown in Spain – full details of all phases for all regions.

Face masks compulsory from Thursday

It became compulsory from Thursday to wear face masks in Spain in closed spaces (including shops and stores), as well as on the street and in public places, if a 2-metre ‘social distance’ cannot be maintained.

For full details of the new measures and the exceptions allowed in wearing a face mask, please read our report here: Face masks compulsory in close space and outside if not at as 2-metre social distance.

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