20th June 2024
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Spotlight Focus: The ideal destination for Spanish businesses to thrive in Europe

Hungary, with its exceptional economic conditions, has become an incredibly alluring option for Spanish businessmen and entrepreneurs, offering numerous advantages for those seeking to establish a company within the European Union. From its remarkably low tax rates to its simplified company registration process, Hungary presents a multitude of opportunities for Spanish business ventures to flourish.

One of Hungary’s most significant advantages is its corporate tax rate, standing at a mere 9%. This rate positions Hungary as one of the most competitive countries in Europe, especially when compared to the average corporate tax rate of 21.2% in the European Union.

Spanish businesses can capitalise on this low tax rate, enabling them to optimise profits and reinvest in their ventures while minimising the burden of taxes. With Hungary’s favourable tax environment extending to both domestic and foreign companies operating within the country, Spanish businesses have been drawn to Hungary to take full advantage of this and retain a larger share of their earnings.

Beyond its enticing tax benefits, Hungary also boasts an efficient and expedited company formation registration process. Spanish entrepreneurs can establish a company in Hungary in just 2-3 days, thanks to the government’s commitment to simplifying bureaucratic procedures. This streamlined registration process eliminates unnecessary delays, empowering Spanish businesses to commence operations promptly and generate profits at an accelerated pace. Such agility in company formation only adds to Hungary’s appeal for Spanish entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Located at the heart of Europe, Hungary’s strategic positioning grants Spanish businesses access to both Eastern and Western markets. Situated at the crossroads of major trade routes, the country grants Spanish entrepreneurs easy access to a consumer market comprising over 440 million people.

Furthermore, Hungary’s well-developed infrastructure, including an extensive road and rail network and an international airport hub, facilitates the efficient movement of goods and services. These factors make Hungary an ideal base for Spanish businesses seeking expansion opportunities and further establishing their foothold in Europe.

Hungary distinguishes itself through its highly skilled and educated workforce. The country prioritises education, resulting in a significant percentage of the population having completed tertiary education. This pool of qualified workers serves as a valuable asset for Spanish businesses looking to establish a presence in Hungary. The availability of skilled labour enhances the competitiveness and productivity of Spanish companies, enabling them to thrive in a knowledge-intensive economy.

In conclusion, Hungary’s ultra-low corporate tax rate of 9% and simplified company formation in Hungary process make it an exceptionally attractive destination for Spanish businesses. The country’s competitive edge lies in its favourable tax environment, strategic location, well-established infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, and various incentives for investment and innovation.

By selecting Hungary as their base of operations, Spanish companies can achieve significant cost savings, benefit from favourable business conditions, and tap into a vast consumer market. Hungary unequivocally stands as an optimal choice for Spanish businesses, aiming to maximise profitability and establish a strong foothold in Europe.


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