2nd April 2023
Sitges News

Sitges Carnival to bring together an estimated 250,000 people during the week

In three weeks, Sitges will be immersed in the Carnival spirit again. In the final stretch of all the preparations, before Maundy Thursday arrives, the day the party traditionally begins and which this year will be Thursday 16 February, some key details are already known, which will mainly mark the beginning of the party.

Among the main novelties this year are that the traditional street parades will once again culminate in Cap de la Vila, and the Drag Queen Gala is also being reintroduced, with the main Carnival Stage located at La Fragata.

The Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, said that ‘this year Sitges will live the Carnival of smiles, celebration, music, dance and covered faces, but only because of the masks of those who want to hide their identity’. The mayor praised the work of ‘the entities that have worked to bring around 2000 people to the streets’, with 40 floats during the parades and ‘to offer a great programme that will bring together 250,000 people throughout the week of the Carnival’ in Sitges.

The two main parades will take place on Sunday 19 February and Tuesday 21 February.

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