8th December 2022
Sitges News

718 kg of rubbish collected from Sitges coastline over 3 months, 72% plastic

The Sitges ‘ecological boat’ that collects waste along the coastline during three months of summer has collected 718 kg of rubbish in the 81 days it has been operating.

Among the most significant data, 119 kg of waste was collected in the week of 4-10 July alone and 72% of the waste collected overall (517 kg) was plastic.

Running from 15 June until 15 September, the vessel travelled the length of the coastline, 37.4 km, back and forth from Les Botigues beach to Cala del Gegant and Cala Xica, cleaning plastic and other floating waste from the sea. 

The service was carried out 6 days a week, during 6 hours each day, approximately between 8am and 2pm, with the main objective of collecting and removing floating or semi-submerged debris from the sea.

The amount of waste that has been collected from the coastline this year has increased by 50% compared to 2021, when half a ton was collected. This increase in waste, according to Guillem Escolà, the local councillor for beaches, is due to ‘the return to normality and tourist activity’. He said that it ‘highlights even more how necessary this service is to clean sea water’.

The local council’s beach department will present a detailed report in the coming weeks of the results of the cleaning service, that will also include the areas where the concentration of waste has been greater, as well as details of the type of waste collected.

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