26th November 2022
Sitges News

Sitges tourism and hospitality sector complain about shortage of taxis

Employees of the principal hotels in Sitges have said that it was a common problem this summer for ‘waiting times of more than 40 minutes during the weekends’ for a local taxi.

Many tourists have also expressed the difficulties they have encountered in getting to the airport by taxi.

Hospitality workers in Sitges claim that ‘the low supply due to the high demand has been a problem throughout the summer’.

The Gremi d’Hostaleria de Sitges (Hospitality Guild of Sitges) has also confirmed the discomfort of hoteliers and tourists regarding this situation. They consider that the problem ‘has a negative impact on the brand and image of Sitges as a tourist destination’.

The local taxi drivers, however, do not agree with the complaints and consider that the ‘one-off collapse’ during the summer has been no different to what has been experienced by other sectors such as the hotel industry or restaurants.

The association of local taxi drivers and the Sitges Town Council have a meeting planned to address the situation. The Hospitality Guild has also transmitted its complaints to the council.

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