21st January 2022
Miquel Utrillo school
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Covid cases rising among Sitges pupils, but the number in isolation is declining

The number of positive cases of Covid among schoolchildren in Sitges continues to rise, reaching 70 in the last 10 days, which is 14 more than last Thursday. By contrast, the number of pupils in precautionary confinement has dropped to 368, which is 100 less than five days ago.

This latest wave of Covid has specifically affected the local schools. Two months ago, there were just 48 isolated students, last Monday there were 230 and the week ended with 462. On Tuesday the figure had dropped to 368, as some students have already completed the 10 days of mandatory isolation.

Of the 70 positive cases of Covid detected in Sitges during the last 10 days, 26 correspond to Miquel Utrillo school, followed by Esteve Barrachina (16) and Maria Ossó (15). However, the number could increase in the next 48 hours, as a class of students from the latter school have since been at the CAP doing PCR tests after a new case was detected in their classroom.

Esteve Barrachina is the school with the most students in isolation (142), followed by Maria Ossó (123) and Escola Pia (52). All ESO and Baccalaureate schools have students who have been confined or tested positive in the last 10 days, except the British School.

In Sant Pere de Ribes there are 105 students confined, although the municipality has twice as many schools as Sitges (in addition to Ribes and Les Roquetes, there are also those in Vilanoveta). Almost half (50) are from La Riera school. There are also classrooms confined at Les Roquetes school (27 students) and Pi (23). There have been 35 positive cases across the municipality in the last 10 days.

Miquel Utrillo school
The entrance of Miquel Utrillo school last week. (L’Eco)

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