27th September 2021
Sitges News

African ‘serval’ cat that had escaped in Sitges is found dead

Despite appeals on social media and by the local Sitges police, a large African ‘serval’ cat – that had escaped from a house on the Passeig dels Ametllers in Quint Mar, Sitges – has been found dead in the urbanisation of ​​Els Cards in Sant Pere de Ribes.

It was a sad ending for the African feline, that had arrived in Sitges just a few days earlier, as a pet. The animal, after escaping, had reportedly been seen wandering on the outskirts of Sitges, before it ended up on a farm with horses, in the area La Mata, very close to Els Cards in Ribes. However, it finally met its death there after being attacked by a group of dogs.

The search for the cat had been shared on social media, after the owner and the Sitges police made an appeal to try and locate the animal. Although the police stated that the animal was not dangerous, as a non-native species it had to be located and controlled.


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1 comment

John Roe 27th April 2021 at 10:59 pm

Sad end to a beautiful animal that should never have ended up as a pet in the first place, there are so many unwanted domestic pets out there that need homes that there is no need for anyone to keep a wild animal as a pet, the owner must accept full responsibility for failing to supply a proper and safe environment for this animal.


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