1st June 2023
Elderly resident being tested for Coronavirus
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Coronavirus in Spain figures (30 May)

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (13 June)

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Report below updated in Spain at 18.30h on Saturday 30 May

CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest figures

The latest official figures released by the Spanish Health Ministry on Saturday 30 May show that there have now been 27,125 Coronavirus-related deaths in Spain – an increase of 4 in 24 hours and 43 deaths in the past 7 days.

Friday’s figures had shown an overall increase of 2 deaths in 24 hours – and 39 deaths over 7 days. Thursday’s figures had shown 1 death in 24 hours, and 38 deaths in 7 days.

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The official figure released on Saturday 30 May for the total number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus only through a PCR test is now 239,228 – an increase of 271 over Friday, of which 183 cases are in Madrid (95) and Catalonia (88). Asturias has seen an increase of 19 cases – and there have been 12 new cases in Castilla y León.

Five regions (Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla) have not registered any new infections in the past 24 hours.

Friday’s overall figure for the increase of infections only through PCR testing has been 187 over Thursday. Thursday’s figure had been 182 over Wednesday. Wednesday had been 231.

The current peak of recorded infections for a 24-hour period in Spain was on 31 March, when 9,222 new cases were registered (including from PCR and antibody).

A full breakdown in Spanish of the data per region, together with age group statistics can be found by clicking here.

Elderly resident being tested for Coronavirus
An elderly care-home resident being tested in Catalonia. (Photo courtesy of Catalan health department / CatSalut / @salutcat)

70% of Spanish population to Phase Two from Monday

From Monday, 70% of the Spanish population will be in Phase Two of Spain’s de-escalation of lockdown restrictions. Some islands in the Canary Islands and the whole of the Balearic Islands will move to Phase Three.

We’ve published all the key rules and measures regarding the four phases in a separate report, together with full details of the current ‘phase status’ for each region and province. The updated report can be found here: Lifting of lockdown in Spain – full details of all phases for all regions.

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