24th January 2022
Barcelona Beer Festival
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Barcelona Beer Fest kicks off

If you love beer and are looking to expand your horizons, there are more opportunities to do it than just your standard Oktoberfest: 15 March sees the start of the 2019 Barcelona Beer Fest.

It starts at 11am every day and runs until 11pm on Friday and Saturday, ending instead at 9pm on Sunday, and can be found at La Farga de l’Hospitalet venue in the southern town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, right outside of Barcelona.

Like many events of its kind, the festival provides a glass and two tokens to ticket-holders. Any more beers will need to be acquired with further tokens. And speaking of more beers … the event specifies that this is not the place for heavy drinking.

Barcelona Beer Festival
A glass at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2015 (Photo via ACN)

To help, the venue will offer non-alcoholic craft beers (as well as gluten-free beers for those who suffer from celiacs). The event itself is child-friendly, and there’s plenty to do apart from drinking – including having your fill of tasty street food, listening to all sorts of live or dance music, and scores of activities.

Things to do include guided tours with tastings, documentary showings on lambic beers, fermentation workshops, lessons on hops as an ingredient in food, a live radio show, and a workshop on the ever-classic subject cooking with beer  and much much more.

The 2018 event welcomed over 30,000 attendees, and this year’s edition is hoping for even more. A three-day pass is no more than 10 euros, for those who want to have a refreshing brew to welcome summer in Barcelona.

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