24th May 2024
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Top 5 Musicals in Spain this Autumn

For musical theatre lovers in Spain, these next few months will be packed with amazing performances, as some of Broadway’s critically acclaimed shows make their way to Madrid and Barcelona.

These new productions seem very promising in their attempts to stay true to the original musicals with even more promising casts. Most cast members have starred in previous spanish productions, such as Mama Mia, or have worked for live television as well as TV series.

It’s always good to walk into a theatre knowing what to expect, while still maintaining the right amount of suspense to be blown away by the actors, staging, lighting and music. Keep reading to find out the basic information you may need about five modern hits and beloved classics arriving in Spain this Autumn to give spectacular performances.


Key Information

Duration: 2hrs 30 mins. Location: Teatro Apolo (Plaza Tirso de Molina 1, Madrid 28012). Dates: 6 October 2023 to 3 December 2023. Recommended age: 12+. Click here for tickets.

If you haven’t heard of Chicago it’s about time you do, and going to see this production is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this scandalous fantasy.

Chicago is a world-renowned musical that first opened on Broadway in 1976 and came back to ‘razzle dazzle’ audiences in the Broadway revival in 1996. It’s still open today, making it the second-longest Broadway run of all time. With mesmerizing music by John Kander, unforgettable lyrics by Fred Ebb and a script by Fred Ebb and the legendary Bob Fosse, the original production did not take home any significant awards whereas the revival managed to score six Tonys out of its eight nominations.

The sassy, sexy and memorable choreography by Fosse has become iconic in the musical theatre world. It’s known for its stylised jazz choreography which is what you should expect when coming to see this new production in Madrid.

Set in 1920s Chicago at the height of the American jazz age, we follow Roxie Hart, a woman who dreams of becoming a burlesque star and is far from it. While married to a naïve and nearly invisible man named Amos Hart, she has an affair with Fred Kasely, who after deciding to end things with Roxie, is murdered by her.

After ending up in Cook County jail she starts to gain the attention and success she’s always dreamed of thanks to the help of her charming and persuasive lawyer, Billy Flinn. And with success comes plenty of enemies such as established burlesque star Velma Kelly, another woman locked up for the murder of her husband and sister. The question is, will Roxie truly rise to stardom and is murder truly an art? 

Phantom of the Opera– El Fantasma de la Opera

Key Information

Duration: 2hrs 30 mins. Location: Teatro Albéniz (C. de la Paz 11, 28012 Madrid). Dates: 20 September 2023 – 10 December 2023. Recommended age: all ages are welcome. Click here for tickets.

This magical musical will be haunting theatres once again, but this time in Madrid. This genius work by Andrew Lloyd Webber, as well as lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe, first opened on Broadway in 1988 after premiering on the West End in 1986. It has been met with infinite success as the longest running Broadway show in history, reaching 35 years after closing in April 2023.

It’s also the winner of four Olivier Awards out of its five nominations and seven out of 10 nominations for the Tony Awards. The twisted yet romantic plot, as well as the enchanting songs have left a mark in audiences for decades and will continue to do so in this production.

This classic story based on the French novel by Gaston Leroux follows Christine, an innocent opera singer, who works in the Paris Opera House that is haunted by a musical genius who calls himself the Phantom. The masked man falls for Christine and is obsessed with her angelic voice. However, jealousy overtakes him when Raoul, Christine’s old friend, steps into the picture posing a threat to the Phantom’s romantic intentions. You’ll find out which romance truly prevails through an angelic performance.

Legally Blonde– Una Rubia Muy Legal

Key Information

Duration: 2hrs 5 mins. Location: Teatro La Latina (Plaza de la Cebada 2, Madrid 28005). Dates: 29 September 2023 – 26 November 2023. Recommended age: 12+ Click here for tickets.

Legally Blonde is a musical that has left audiences in awe since its premiere in 2007 and is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to high school productions. The glamourous and entertaining atmosphere it creates always leaves the audiences wanting more.

The lyrics and music by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin are incredibly catchy, so if you do decide to see it, rest assured that the soundtrack will not leave your mind long after you’ve seen it. Additionally, its hilarious and witty script was written by Heather Hach. Although it hasn’t won any Tonys, despite its numerous nominations, it has won the hearts of audiences all over the world and now it’s making its mark on Spain.

California girl Elle Woods has her world rocked when her boyfriend Warner Huntington III breaks up with her to study at Harvard Law. But Elle’s sparkly spirit won’t let anything get in the way of what she wants. After getting into Harvard with the hopes of winning Warner back, she must work her way up to the top in order to be taken seriously.

This hit musical is based on the 2001 comedy film ‘Legally Blonde’ featuring Reese Witherspoon with endless rave reviews after its premiere in 2007. This production promises to bring just as much charm as the beloved film as well as the critically acclaimed musical. Don’t forget that intelligence looks great in pink!

The Producers

Key Information

Duration: 2hr 30 mins. Location: Teatro Tívoli (Carrer Casp, 8, 08010, Eixample, Barcelona). Dates: 15 September 2023 – 5 November 2023. Recommended age: 10+ Click here for tickets.

If you want an evening full of laughter and traditional musical numbers, The Producers should be at the top of your list. The script and lyrics written by Thomas Meehan and comedy genius Mel Brooks are sure to make audiences burst into laughter. Based on the 1968 Mel Brooks film by the same name, it premiered in 2001 and went on to become the most awarded Broadway musical of all time, with a record-setting 12 Tony Awards. When coming to see this show, audiences should definitely expect a vibrant and unforgettable experience that will put a smile on their faces.

A run-down Broadway producer by the name of Max Bialystock is hopeless after yet another Broadway flop, until he meets an anxious accountant, Leo Bloom, who reveals to him that producing a failure will put much more cash into his pocket instead of a hit. And with that, both Bloom and Bialystock set out to find the worst play ever written when they stumble upon ‘Springtime for Hitler’, an ode to the infamous German dictator. To improve their chances of success, or rather the contrary, they must hire the worst director and the most horrendous actors they possibly can. Now it’s a matter of whether or not they can do it …

The Book of Mormon

Key Information

Duration: 2hrs 20 mins. Location: Teatro Calderón (Atocha 18, Madrid 28012). Dates: 6 October 2023 – 3 December 2023. Recommended age: 16+ Click here for tickets.

The Book of Mormon is a wild ride that takes its audience on a journey to Africa in the name of Jesus Christ. Created entirely by a comedic supergroup made up of Rey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone, this inspiring musical has risen to fame quickly and has become a fan-favorite for so many theater-goers.

It opened on Broadway in 2011 and since then has won nine Tony Awards out of 14 nominations, on top of four Olivier Awards out of six nominations, which only goes to show how much of a must-watch it is.

This musical follows the story of two Mormon missionaries in training, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, who in their devotion to spreading the word of Jesus Christ are sent on a mission to an outlying Ugandan village with a grudge against religion stemming from the countless issues the village is facing (AIDS crisis, famine, authoritarian generals). Price and Cunningham are found in a sticky situation with not only a population of difficult converts but also an inability to see eye to eye.

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