21st June 2024
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Spotlight: all you need to know about Home Insurance with Línea Directa

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, so it makes sense to protect it against the risk of theft, damage and natural disasters. Home insurance can cover both buildings and contents. All home insurance policies are different. So please check the fine print to make sure you understand what’s covered, what your rights are and also your responsibilities should you need to make a claim.

Línea Directa offers flexible and economical home insurance. Their policies come with extensive coverage to respond to home emergencies fast and efficiently, so you can carry on with your life with total peace of mind. Basic cover includes:

  • Own damage caused by fire: covers material damage due to fire, explosion or implosion of appliances and smoke.
  • Material damage caused by atmospheric phenomena: such as lightning, wind, snow, hail, rain and floods.
  • Damage caused by water: water leaks, broken or faulty taps or stopcocks or failure to turn off taps.
  • Theft or attempted theft in your home, covering the theft of property, jewellery and other valuables, or damage to the home or insured furniture caused by such a loss.
  • Glass: coverage will include glass in windows and exterior or interior doors closing off movement in the house, fixed mirror glass, china or fibreglass sanitary ware, fixed marble and granite bathroom countertops. Glass in ceramic hobs and table-top glass will also be covered provided the furniture has been covered.
  • Impact of animals and vehicles or sonic waves.
  • In addition, Línea Directa offers Civil Liability coverage, as well as cosmetic damage and extension of cover for an emergency.

Your Insurance Policy

There are two ways to contract a home insurance policy with Línea Directa; online at lineadirecta.com or by phone on 917 002 010. All customer service phone lines are handled by English-speaking staff who will help you decide on the right home insurance policy for your particular needs. The service is quick and efficient, and in most cases an over-the-phone quotation can be provided in under five minutes.

The Price

But it’s not just the best possible price. Línea Directa is currently the leading company in Spain for direct sales of car, bike and home insurance. Always offering the best products, adapted and intended exclusively for you and your needs and always with the best existing price on the market.

The keys to success lie in the contact and absence of any intermediaries when purchasing their insurance, being pioneers and leaders when it comes to using direct channels – telephone and the Internet – and the most advanced technological tools.

They are also governed by some basic operating principles that ensure the proper functioning of the company, such as: innovation, which drives them to improve every day in all that they do; quality, seeking excellence in all products and services satisfying the needs of customers and, of course, people, who they work for and on behalf of Línea Directa.

Switch to Línea Directa and take out quality home insurance at the best possible price.

Facts & Figures

Línea Directa Aseguradora was founded in 1995 and today has more than 2,300 employees. The company, wholly owned by Bankinter, operates in Motor, Home and Health insurance. At the end of 2018, it was ranked 5th in the Motor branch, 15th in the Home branch and 12th in Non-Life by turnover. They provide cover for over 3 million customers and are a reference for English expatriate insurance in Spain.

Línea Directa is actively contributing to eradicating traffic accidents, improving home safety, promoting healthy living and environmental conservation, among other objectives. Their Corporate Responsibility Plan whose fundamental axis is the care and comprehensive attention to people, a concept closely linked to the function of insurance. They take care of what matters: your home, your car, your health …

Home Insurance includes Legal Assistance

With the legal defence cover, consult your legal doubts with the best professionals. Thanks to Línea Directa’s home insurance with legal defence, you now have the option of enjoying complete legal assistance cover. You’ll be provided with all the necessary services, both judicial and extrajudicial assistance, when claiming for damages and losses suffered.

In order to benefit from this cover, the damage must have been caused by a third party and be non-contractual in origin.

Also, Línea Directa will advise you on the feasibility of initiating legal proceedings or the processing of an appeal, but they will also take care of the costs involved in the legal proceedings, according to the general terms and conditions of the contract.

IT Assistance Cover

Finally, you have the option of taking out insurance with the home IT assistance coverage. Coverage that will allow you to have a qualified technical expert to help you solve the main technological problems likely to arise in your home. Technology is something that is increasingly common and important in our lives and that not everyone handles it in the same way. So, whenever a problem arises with technological devices you can rely on IT assistance experts.

IT assistance is available at a very reasonable cost, in all types of home insurance, to help you with any technological problems that may arise.

Not just your computer, but support if you have any questions about the use of other technological devices such as: DTT, DVD, digital camera, digital video, digital photo frame, etc., or even your mobile phone.

Professionals with extensive experience will help you use the tools and install the most common applications, perform software updates and configure operating systems and install peripherals.

This service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and however you choose: telephone, chat support, even coming to your home if you prefer.

Also included in their IT assistance service, is cover for any possible problems you might have with fraudulent use of cards for purchases made on the Internet and through bank accounts by third parties, according to the conditions and limits included in the general product.

24-Hour Assistance

Because unforeseen events at home can arise at any time, 24-hour assistance from Línea Directa is at your disposal whenever you need it. You can use the services you need quickly and easily with just one call.

The Home Assistance service is available to insured customers 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply contact Línea Directa by phone or through the website to clear up any doubts or request, make a claim, and have a qualified technical expert assesses the damage to your home.

Complementary Assistance

Do you need to carry out repairs at home and you don’t know which professional to turn to? Línea Directa offers its Service Centre to policyholders so that if you need a qualified specialist (plumber, electrician, carpenter, locksmith, etc.) they will send you a quote. The call out cost will be covered by the company if the requested service is carried out.

Home Insurance Quote

If you would like more information or a competitive home insurance quote, simply visit the UK section of the Línea Directa website at lineadirecta.com/english-expats/ and click on the Home Insurance quote area.

Alternatively, you can call their English-speaking customer service staff on 917 002 006.

This is a Spotlight Advertising Feature in collaboration with Línea Directa.

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