23rd July 2024
Sitges News

The Sitges tourism sector kicks off the season with an optimistic forecast

The Sitges tourism sector celebrated the start of the season at the weekend with a programme of events which served as a backdrop to welcome a campaign with good prospects for bookings. Under the slogan, ‘Sitges awaits you’, the singer and actor Enrique del Pozo was also named as the new ‘ambassador of Sitges’.

The start of the season party was organised by the Gremi d’Hostaleria, with the collaboration of various social, cultural and sporting entities, and consisted of different concerts held in the evening between Thursday and Monday 1 May. There was also a musical atmosphere and DJ sessions in different bars and an institutional event, held at ME Terramar.

The start of the season party also served to confirm the positive perspectives with which the tourism sector foresees the 2023 season. The forecasts are optimistic, in line with those registered in 2022. This year, the fact that the beach bars are already working at full capacity has been one of the positive factors that the sector has highlighted at the opening of the campaign.

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