18th August 2022
The Sitges seafront
Sitges News

The Coastline Law will determine the future of the Sitges seafront

Two sections of the Sitges promenade – both the Ribera and the Marítim areas – could see their appearance slightly modified in the coming years.

The Sitges Town Council is laying the foundation for a future urban reorganisation that, once it has obtained the approval of the Spanish and Catalan governments, aims to adapt this iconic and at times crowded space of the town to new uses, and especially to comply with the parameters that mark the current Coastline Law.

The project, which is just in its infancy and could include an invitation for proposals and ideas, should be drafted before the end of the current legislature and aims to harmonise and legalise the entire seafront: from car parking, traffic, to the landscaped areas, ornamental elements and buildings with heritage value.

Precisely, some of the facilities that could be most affected – or, in the worst case, that could disappear from the future promenade – are the Pic Nic Restaurant, the Kansas Restaurant, the beach facilities of the Swimming Club and the Club de Mar. These are four emblematic spaces of Sitges that, under different businesses or nautical entities, have been present on the promenade since its origin.

For years, a state resolution, in accordance with the Coastline Law, and which could require the demolition of part of these facilities because they fail to comply, has been hanging over this recreational and sports complex, and which has been declared a Cultural Asset of Local Interest under the current regulations.

The Sitges seafront
The Sitges seafront could change in the coming years. (Alex Ferret)

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