28th May 2024
The Roman Theatre of Mérida.
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Extremadura in English – weekly news round-up (21 June)

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (25 June)

Extremadura begins vaccinating 30-39 year olds

This week the Extremadura Health Service (SES) begins vaccinating people in their thirties. General director of public health for the SES, Pilar Guijarro, announced the update at the Health and Social Services Commission of the Extremadura Assembly.

She also said that the vaccination of people aged 60-65 will be finished within the next 10 days maximum. The amount of people from this age group to be fully vaccinated currently stands at 92%.

Although a specfic date was not given, Guijaro said that the goal for vaccinating 70% of all residents of Extremadura will be achieved ‘in the shortest time possible’.

According to the latest figures on 21 June, Extremadura has received a total of 941,175 doses, of which 647,675 are from Pfizer, 87,400 from Moderna, 171,500 from AstraZeneca and 34,600 from Janssen. A further 70,000 doses will arrive this week. ALSO READ: Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain

Largest water park in Spain to be built in Cáceres 

The largest water park in Spain will be built in the area of Casar de Cáceres, a small village just outside of Cáceres city, and is set to open in June 2022. The news comes in perfect timing as just a few days ago, Aqua Badajoz water park closed its doors for the last time, signalling the end of all currently existing water parks in Extremadura.

Yet Extremadura will soon be able to boast being home to the largest water park in the country. According to its promoters, the park will incorporate innovative attractions as well as a strong commitment to the environment, surrounding nature, and recycling of waste within its facilities.

The 24 million euro investment project will directly create approximately 100 new jobs. The park will be built on a plot of land of 100,000 square metres (70,000 of which will be used) in a geographically strategic point, making it easily accessible to people from different regions of Extremadura, and for the Portuguese just across the border.

The park will consist of a wave pool as well as an ‘infinity pool’ allowing visitors to swim. There will also be three rapid water slides, an extra large slide to accommodate groups and families, and a river running across the park, exceeding 600 metres in length. This will enable visitors to travel from one part of the park to another without having to leave the water and walk.

Plan of the waterpark.
Plan of the waterpark. (Ayuntamiento Casar de Cáceres)

There will also be a children’s area for the little ones, with slides, shallow pools and an aquatic tower. The promoters of the project have said that the park intends to cater to all age groups, and is not limited to anybody. 

The park will include nightlife, with a ‘surf pool’ area offering late night entertainment and bar and restaurant facilities. This nightlife zone will be located close to the main entrance with views overlooking the surf pool. With a total of 16 attractions throughout the park, including the pools and slides, the maximum capacity of visitors will be 4,100 people. Renewable energy will be used in all facilities.

The person behind this project is Donald Caspar Huijsen, a retired Dutch footballer who has overseen the construction of various water parks since his retirement. Mayor of Casar de Cáceres, Rafael Pacheco, expressed his enthusiasm for the park, telling Canal Extremadura, ‘The truth is that we are excited. They raised it to me initially and it will be another attraction for the region and for Extremadura.’

Mérida festival begins this week

On Friday, the Mérida festival, also known as the International Festival of Classical Theatre, will begin. It will run for just over eight weeks, finishing on 22 August and will feature 10 shows, consisting of seven plays (six of which are premieres), two concerts and one film screening, each running numerous times on various dates.

It is the oldest festival of classical theatre in Spain and is considered one of the most important of its kind. Many of the shows will take place at the Roman Theatre of Mérida which was built between 15 and 16 BC and is the oldest functioning theatre in the world.

The Roman Theatre of Mérida.
The Roman Theatre of Mérida. (Benjamín Núñez González)

Shows will also be taking place at other historical sites such as the Roman theatres of both Medellín and Régina, two equally impressive and well-preserved structures fulfilling their original purpose like their counterpart in Mérida. The ruins of the Roman city of Cáparra, which is in the province of Cáceres, will also be hosting shows.

This year’s line-up of actors and actresses includes the likes of Ana Belén, Lluis Homar, Rafael Álvarez ‘El Brujo’, Carlos Latre, Pablo Carbonell, Alejo Sauras, Mina El Hammani, Paula Iwasaki, María Garralón, Daniel Holguín, Cándido Gómez, Carolina Rocha and Victor Ullate Roche. 

Click here for details of the full programme and how to book tickets.


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