29th June 2022
Oscar Camps Open Arms
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Open Arms refugee NGO helping to combat Coronavirus

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The Barcelona-based non-profit organisation, Open Arms – renowned for rescuing and providing first-aid to many refugees in the Mediterranean Sea fleeing wars, hunger or persecution – is helping to combat Coronavirus (Covid-19) in care homes in Catalonia.

Joining forces with the Catalan health department (CatSalut) and supporting healthcare teams already working in elderly residencies, over 70 volunteers from Open Arms with 30 vehicles are helping to conduct tests and collect sample from care homes, to try and detect early outbreaks of the virus.

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In a statement Open Arms said that, ‘Emergency measures and rapid actions to prevent deaths are a priority. It is for this reason that our teams join the great efforts being made by the healthcare network since the beginning of this pandemic.’

Open Arms had also tweeted during March that several of their volunteers who are doctors and nurses had been on some of their missions in the Mediterranean Sea – and they were now all helping patients in hospitals in both Barcelona and Madrid.

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The Open Arms NGO rescue ship is currently in the port of Barcelona, having made its last rescue in February, after docking in the Italian port of Pozzallo with 363 rescued migrants following several days requesting safe harbour.

Oscar Camps Open Arms
Founder of Open Arms, Oscar Camps, with some of the volunteers helping in the fight against Coronavirus. (Photo @campsoscar / Twitter)

In November 2019, Italy offered a safe port to the Open Arms ship after they saved 73 migrants shipwrecked in the western Mediterranean Sea.

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During the summer of 2019 Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini would not grant permission for Open Arms to dock in the country. After 19 days stranded in the Mediterranean with over 160 migrants on board, the Open Arms rescue ship eventually docked in the Italian port of Lampedusa.

In September 2019, the founder of Open Arms, Oscar Camps, was awarded the Catalan parliament’s Medal of Honor, along with the captain of the Sea Watch 3 rescue ship, Carola Rackete.

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