27th May 2024
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Co-Vida: an inspiring community action project

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Co-Vida (www.co-vida.orgis a platform that aims to inspire, connect and mobilise people through sharing inspirational stories and practical examples of community action.

The Co-Vida brand takes its origins from Covid-19, but with co’ representing community and collaboration, and vida’ meaning ‘life’ in Spanish.

A group of friends in Barcelona started Co-Vida on the Monday after the lockdown in Spain started, specifically to combat the negativity, anxiety and sense of helplessness of not being able to do anything whilst confined to home.  

Starting with Catalonia, one of Co-Vida’s primary aims is to raise awareness of the needs of social projects and organisations working with some of the most vulnerable, and connecting them to people who may be able to help. 


By sharing posts that spread a little light during a dark time, Co-Vida hopes to address the overwhelming amount of content that contributes to feelings of negativity and anxiety, such as the stories of people performing music and singing from balconies. Content also includes examples of things that others are doing to help inspire others to do the same.


Quarantine means physical isolation but it doesn’t need to mean social isolation. By staying connected through virtual events, such as cuarantenafest, with streaming parties, online courses and groups (such as Co-Vida itself), people can feel less isolated and alone. 


The sheer scale and short and long-term impact of Covid-19 is overwhelming. There is also an increasing need for support. At the same time, if not frontline workers, we can feel helpless whilst stuck at home with more time on our hands. 

How Can You Help?

For those that want to help Co-Vida share stories, here are some examples of the ways that people can help, mostly from home.

It can include simple actions like sharing an online campaign or a useful resource of information, donating financially or items ranging from canned food to 3D printers, or volunteering (from home but there is also information available on the opportunities that exist outside home that are possible to get involved with). You could also help to sew face masks, or help with fundraising, signing petitions, sharing campaigns and petitions, or offering to help neighbours.


  • Top Manta: Fashion brand and social enterprise based in Raval run by ‘manteros’. They have switched their workshop from making clothes to making masks. They also have been coordinating a food bank for those in need: https://manteros.org/ 
  • Dona Tu Energia (focus on Barcelona ‘for now’) www.donatuenergia.cat  Instagram @donatuenergia  #donatuenergia (donate your energy): Many people who have been hospitalised communicate with their loved ones using their mobiles, which quickly run out of battery and without the possibility to recharge them. Donate your external battery/powerbank. More information: http://tiny.cc/o0dylz
  • Collectiu Jardins Sant Pau’s #dóndemequedo (where do I stay) campaign to support the rights of minors living on the streets when facing lockdown. One of the co-founders has said that the Co-Vida promotion helped increase the reach of the campaign and they were approached by many media organisations and also possible partners to collaborate on lobbying congress. This group is doing some really important work in Barcelona with a group of volunteers working with undocumented minors primarily in Raval.

Support the Co-Vida Community

  • Like the Co-Vida Facebook Page and join the Co-Vida Facebook Group. Please do post any projects or ideas that you have and share the pages with your friends and family.
  • Follow Co-Vida on Instagram: @Co_Vida_BCN
  • Share the Co-Vida website: www.co-vida.org
  • Take Action – get ideas through the #yoayudodesdecasa hashtag
  • Volunteer with Co-Vida – email info@co-vida.org to support in project research/contacting projects, content writing, website & WordPress support, translation (English/Spanish) etc.
  • Submit a story or project (either through the Facebook Group) or via the website.

Co-Vida: Connect, Inspire, Mobilise

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