28th September 2021
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Property spotlight: new build homes, the best option

When buying a home, you always have the option of buying a brand new one or a re-sale home. Based on the interest expressed by the buyer, the real estate agent will show both options – and also take into account the needs and preferences of the interested party, their tastes and budget.

It is possible that whoever is searching for a home to buy, isn’t fully aware of the substantial differences between a brand new home and a re-sale one. They need to take into account the property’s comforts, lighting, and the location.

Engel & Völkers / Lesseps
(Engel & Völkers / Lesseps)

However, there are significant differences between new and re-sale homes. The advantages are in favour of the first option. Therefore, when buying, it is always preferable to opt for a newly built home.

These are some of the benefits that can be obtained, should you choose a brand new home:

It is possible to move in immediately, because everything is ready. There will be no renovations or refurbishments needing to be carried out. The newly built property is chosen, the purchase price is negotiated and the new owner moves in. The moving process will only take one or two days.

Engel & Völkers / Sardenya
(Engel & Völkers)

Modern and updated facilities. A new construction responds to a lifestyle the moment it was built. A newly built home is designed for people seeking a modern lifestyle.

An important advantage is the energy efficiency of new homes. The current construction rules insist on a better use of natural resources. This affects the energy consumption and saves the occupants money, which is a great reason to opt for a newly built home.

In a newly built house everything is newly installed. New materials reduce the chances of inconvenience.

Payment facilities. Normally, the purchase of new-builds allows the buyer to obtain better financing.

Engel & Völkers / Plato
(Engel & Völkers)

Those who are seeking to buy a property should listen to advice from those who know. Experience is an important fact when requesting such advice.

In BarcelonaEngel & Völkers has a history of more than forty years. It is the real estate company with the largest and most varied portfolio of properties located in privileged areas of Barcelona, and it knows the market best.

Engel & Völkers has the perfect home you are looking for.

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