29th September 2020
Ciudadanos leaders
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Ciudadanos leaders remove yellow ribbons

The Ciudadanos (Cs) party leader, Albert Rivera, together with Inés Arrimadas, the leader of the same party (Ciutadans) in Catalonia, removed yellow ribbons in the Catalan town of Alella on Wednesday, thus adding fuel to the fire in the controversy over the issue in Catalonia.

Ciudadanos leaders
Ciudadanos leaders, Albert Rivera and Inés Arrimadas, removing yellow ribbons in Alella on 29 August. (Norma Vidal / ACN)

Activists in support of the jailed and exiled leaders have been hanging up yellow signs in public spaces in the past few months, while some unionist activists have been removing them, with parties such as Ciudadanos (Cs) promoting it.

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The Cs party called a protest for Wednesday evening to reject an alleged attack to a woman whose children were removing such signs. Yet it is not clear whether the reasons behind the incident had anything to do with politics.

Spain-Catalonia security meeting

The Spanish and Catalan governments are schedule to meet on 6 September in Barcelona for a meeting on security in Catalonia.

It will be the first meeting since both executives came into power this spring. During the whole presidency of Mariano Rajoy spanning from 2011 to 2018, only one such meeting took place in 2017.

Both executives disagree over whether to speak about the yellow ribbon controversy that has been picking up momentum recently.

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While the Catalan government rejects tackling the issue as it is a matter public order and this is ‘exclusively’ handled by the Catalan police and not subject to coordination, the Spanish home affairs minister insists that Spanish police forces can take part in such issues if they think it necessary. Thus Madrid believes the yellow ribbon controversy has to be one of the issues covered on 6 September.

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