29th November 2023
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Drought restrictions in Catalonia for agricultural, industrial & recreational use

Drought measures are to be imposed in the Barcelona area and in the north east of Catalonia from Friday 25 November, after months of scarce rainfall has resulted in low reservoir levels.  

The Catalan government has put 515 municipalities with a total of around 6.7 million inhabitants on high alert for the drought – which represents around 83% of Catalonia’s population. The restrictions will only affect agricultural, industrial and recreational water use.

‘It is necessary to extend the drought alert level to the municipalities that are supplied with the Ter LlobregatDarnius and Boadella reservoir systems,’ Catalan government spokeswoman Patricia Plaja said on Tuesday. ‘The restrictions will affect 514 municipalities and 6.7 million inhabitants and will be in force from Friday.’

‘There will be no limits for individuals beyond not filling swimming pools and watering gardens every other day,’ Plaja said.

A 25% reduction in the use of water for agricultural activitiy will be in force, 10% for farms, 5% for industries, and a 30% reduction for recreational activities that involve watering and 5% for other recreational activities.

Plaja also asked everyone to be more cautious about their water use, saying that ‘we should adjust our habits’ because ‘the current situation will become more and more common’.

Wwater levels in reservoirs across Catalonia are at 33% as of 22 November, according to the Catalan Water Agency, a figure that has dropped consistently over the past months.

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