3rd March 2021
The 'Movimiento 15-M'
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From 15-M to Podemos on the ‘Sobremesa Podcast’

As part of our aim to offer a wide range of diverse and on-going content to our readers, in addition to daily news, we will soon also be relaunching our Podcasts & Videos section on the site, as well as our Spain in English Channel.

We will be looking to produce not only our own short films, documentaries and podcasts related to Spain, but also share English-language content about Spain from others. If you already have audiovisual content that you feel would interest our audience, or if you’d like to help with future productions, please check out our ‘invitation to get involved’ and also email us: editorial@spainenglish.com

Introducing ‘The Sobremesa Podcast’

The Sobremesa Podcast is produced and presented by Alan McGuire, in which he discusses and covers all matters relating to ‘modern day Spain’. Each week, he interviews specialists and people involved with the different arenas of Spanish life, from on-the-spot political analysis to the history of social movements. The Sobremesa Podcast can be found on Google, Spotify and Apple – and all previous episodes can also be found on Alan McGuire’s own personal site.

We are happy to bring you this recent episode of The Sobremesa Podcast, in which Alan McGuire speaks with Cristina Flesher Fominaya about her book Democracy Reloaded: Inside Spain’s Political Laboratory from 15-M to Podemos. They talk about how the 15-M Movement came about, and how it would change the political landscape in Spain.

The 'Movimiento 15-M'
The ‘Movimiento 15-M’, named after the date 15 May 2011, in central Madrid. (Screenshot)

If you’d like to contribute to our ‘Opinion, Blogs & Spanish Experiences’ section, please email us: editorial@spainenglish.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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