20th June 2024
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Spaniards continue to applaud health and emergency workers every evening

Despite the lockdown imposed in Spain since 14 March due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), thousands of Spaniards have been going out onto their balconies, leaning out of their windows or standing in their gardens and patios each evening at around 8pm, to applaud, cheer and shout ‘viva los medicos’ (‘long live the doctors and nurses’), paying tribute to the services being carried out by all medical staff – including doctors, nurses, cleaners, nursing assistants, administration assistants and security guards. This has also extended to all the emergency services and other essential workers.

The affection continues to be felt in all the cities and corners of the country.

The message clearly reaches the hospitals and medical centres each night, where staff often respond by also going out briefly to return the applause, as well as sharing videos of thanks on social media.

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Steve Stringer 19th March 2020 at 3:36 pm

As far as we know (and being stuck indoors with limited access to real information) the vast majority of deaths from Corona virus have happened to people with known medical conditions. If, one month ago, someone with for instance terminal lung cancer, caught a touch of flu and died, their death would have been attributed to lung cancer. This month it would be Corona virus. Old people battling the cold weather and catching a chill used to die of old age. Now it is Corona virus.
Corona virus is a virus that seems to attack the old and sick but completely ignore children! Why is nobody even questioning that scenario?
Spain has been shut down and the government has locked up healthy people for what may be an indefinite period, made it illegal to play sport, buy a tin of paint, or sit in a car with your partner (unless it is a taxi!!!). Why isn’t anybody questioning that? There is something very sinister going on in the world and it would be nice to see some investigative journalism being reported as opposed to the boilerplate nonsense we have to watch on tv every day.

Linda malpass 20th March 2020 at 6:00 pm

We are also doing this in Sucina , Murcia . at 8 o’clock every evening …


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