23rd June 2021
Madrid man arrested
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Madrid man held as mum’s remains ‘found in Tupperware’

A 26-year-old man from Madrid has been arrested on suspicion of killing his mother, and then cutting up her remains and storing them in Tupperware containers, Spanish police said on Friday.

The incident came to light when a friend of the missing 66-year-old contacted the police to say she hadn’t seen her for about a month, prompting a patrol to visit the family home on Thursday.

Madrid man arrested
Screenshot from police video of the arrest (Policia Nacional / Twitter / @policia)

On entering the house in the central Salamanca neighbourhood, ‘they found the woman, dismembered,’ with her ‘remains stored in different Tupperware boxes around the house,’ a national police spokesman said.

The son was immediately arrested on suspicion of killing his mother.

Police said the suspect had previously been arrested 12 times, for various reasons.

Local media suggested the suspect had been engaging in cannibalism but there was no confirmation from the police.

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