27th September 2023
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‘Les Distancies’ wins best film at Gaudí Awards

One of the most prestigious red carpet events in Barcelona has come to a close – and the winners have already taken home their statuettes for the 11th edition of the Gaudí Film Awards.

The films that took home the most awards were ‘Entre dos Aguas’ (7 out of the 9 it was nominated for), ‘Viaje al Cuarto de una Madre’ (with 4), as well as ‘El fotógrafo de Mauthausen’ (4 as well). Meanwhile, actor Oriol Pla took home his second Gaudí Award for best supporting actor in ‘Petra.’

Coming to a close in the early hours of Monday morning, the gala was hosted for a third year in a row by filmmaker Lluís Danés, and for the first time by Barcelona-born illusionist, Mag Lari – perfect for an event that had magic as its theme.

Gaudi Award winners
Many of the winners of the Gaudi Awards celebrated on 27 January 2019 in Barcelona. (Photo courtesy of Catalan Film Academy / academiadelcinema.cat)

‘Les Distancies’ by Elena Trapé took home Best Film. It relates the relationship between family members, and the complex tales they weave. It’s already also won big at the Malaga Film Festival.

Best Director was awarded to the filmmaker behind ‘Entre Dos Aguas’ (or ‘Between Two Waters’) Isaki Lacuesta, while its leading man Israel Gómez Romero awarded for Best Actor. The film, which also won best non-Catalan Language Film, Best Editing, Best Original Music, Best Photography, and Best Sound, deals with the painful relationship and past between two brothers on the isle of San Fernando, after a long prison bout.

Best Actress, meanwhile, was the recognition given to Lola Dueñas, the leading lady at ‘Viaje al Cuarto de una Madre,’(or ‘Journey to a Mother’s Room,’) a movie that also won Best Script and Best Supporting Actress for Anna Castillo. The movie deals with the unique, heart-rending, and defining relationships between a mother and daughter.

The event, organised by the Catalan Film Academy, took place at the Palau de Congressos convention centre in Barcelona. There were 36 productions in total, and 22 categories of awards.

Among the 1,600 invited to the event were also various prominent officials, such as Catalan President Quim Torra and culture minister Laura Borràs, parliament president Roger Torrent, Barcelona mayor Ada Colau.

For the full list of winners at the 2019 Gaudi Awards (in Catalan): CLICK HERE

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