17th February 2019
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Spanish court criticises German judiciary

The Spanish Supreme Court harshly criticised Germany’s judiciary in their decision to not accept Puigdemont’s extradition.

This, after a court in Germany handling the case had rejected handing in Puigdemont for rebellion, only accepting a potential extradition for misuse of funds.

The Spanish Supreme Court (Javier Barbancho)

Spanish judge Pablo Llarena presiding over the case said that the court in Schleswig-Holstein showed a ‘lack of commitment to events that could have broken the Spanish constitutional order.’

According to Llarena, the decision of the high court in Schleswig-Holstein is ‘wrong’ and the German judges should have taken the case to the Court of Justice of the EU.

‘When there are doubts about how to interpret an EU regulation,’ he says, ‘it is an obligation to make a preliminary ruling to the EU Court of Justice.’

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