20th September 2020

Más País

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‘New Normality’ decree approved as Health Minister warns ‘danger is still here’

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The Spanish Congress approved the decree on Thursday that will regulate the ‘New Normality’ – and following on from the ‘state of alarm’ having concluded last Sunday.
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Spanish Congress votes to extend ‘state of alarm’ for final time, until 21 June

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The Spanish Congress has voted to extend the current ‘state of alarm’ in Spain for a final time until 21 June. There were 177 votes in
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Pedro Sánchez finally speaks to Quim Torra again – by telephone

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Acting Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has finally spoken again to Catalan president Quim Torra – the first time since the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced nine
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Number-crunching: who will Pedro Sánchez pact with (if anyone)?

Daniel Schwartz
Only one of the major parties competing for votes in Spain’s 10 November general election ought to be happy. The far-right Vox, which had no