19th October 2021
The dinosaur statue in Santa Coloma de Grament, Catalonia.
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Man dies inside papier-mâché dinosaur after getting trapped

A man has died inside a papier-mâché dinosaur statue in Catalonia, after climbing inside to retrieve his mobile phone.

The bizarre incident in the town of Santa Coloma de Grament, near Barcelona, has been revealed by local police who discovered the body of the 39-year-old man, saying that there was no ‘evidence of criminality’ and that they were waiting on results of the autopsy to confirm details about when the man died.

The man had been reported missing by his family a few hours before the body was discovered by a father and son visiting the attraction, and who had noticed that there was a bulge inside the statue, along with an unusual smell.

The dinosaur statue in Santa Coloma de Grament, Catalonia.
The dinosaur statue in Santa Coloma de Grament, Catalonia. (Google Maps)

Speaking about the incident, a spokesperson for the police said that firefighters had to cut open the dinosaur to recover the body from its inside leg.

Local media were reporting that the man must have got inside the statue whist trying to retrieve his phone and was left trapped and unable to call for help.

The police spokesperson said that ‘it looks like he entered the statue headfirst and couldn’t get out’.

The statue had been used to promote an old cinema and has now been removed from its location outside the city’s Cubic Building.

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