21st March 2023

Valle de los Caidos

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Franco Foundation to appeal dictator’s exhumation

SiE Newsdesk / AFP / Agencies
The Spanish government, which has pledged to exhume Francisco Franco from his opulent mausoleum, on Friday gave the late dictator‘s family two weeks to decide

Spotlight: ‘When you attack Franco, you attack over half of Spain’

Laurence Boutreux / AFP
Luis Alfonso de Borbon, the great-grandson of Franco, is leading opposition to Spain’s bid to remove the dictator’s remains from an opulent mausoleum where they
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656 municipalities ordered to remove Franco symbols

SiE Newsdesk / AFP / Agencies
Spain’s justice ministry has ordered more than 600 municipalities across the country to remove symbols honouring the dictatorship of Francisco Franco which are still on display
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Barcelona to revoke medal awarded to Franco

Newsdesk / ACN
Barcelona City Council is to revoke a medal awarded to the late dictator Francisco Franco in 1964, that marked 25 years since the victory of
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Spanish artist defaces Franco tomb

Ben Norman / AFP
A Spanish artist, Enrique Terneiro, painted a red dove and the slogan ‘For Freedom‘ on Francisco Franco’s tomb on Wednesday, at the vast mausoleum near Madrid where