25th July 2024
One of the first Covid-19 vaccinations being carried out in Madrid
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Coronavirus in Spain weekly figures (29 April) – incidence rate 676 for over 60s

Report updated in Spain at 19h on Fri 29 April 

CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest Health Ministry figures

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Please note that since the start of April, Spain’s Health Ministry changed its method for reporting Covid-19 data. It now only focuses on cases registered among citizens of ‘higher vulnerability’ and older age groups.

For Friday 29 April, the Health Ministry has only released the incidence rate of Covid for people aged 60 and over, which has been registered as 676 per 100,000 inhabitants – an increase of 121 in a week. The figure on Friday 22 April was 555 for the same age group. There have been 62,695 new cases registered of Covid for those aged 60 and over since the last update on Tuesday.

The incidence rates for each higher age group are: 543 for 60-69 years (Friday 22 April: 443); 712 for 70-79 years (583); 880 for those aged 80 and over (731). 

In total (across all age groups), there are currently 6,362 people hospitalised for Covid-19 (on Friday 22 April it was 6,119), representing a 5.12% occupation of hospital beds across Spain (4.94%). 329 are in intensive care (339), representing 3.66% occupation of intensive care units (ICUs) by Covid patients across the country (3.76%).

The official figure for the total number of Coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic on Friday 29 April is now 104,456 – an increase of 548 since the figure on Friday 22 April of 103,908.

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Please note that we are no longer updating our separate reports on vaccination statistics. For the latest vaccination figures from the Spanish Health Ministry (29 April), click here.

One of the first Covid-19 vaccinations being carried out in Madrid
From our archive: one of the first Covid-19 vaccinations being carried out in Madrid on 27 December 2020. (Comunidad.Madrid)

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