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Spain’s ‘Covid passport’ requirements – region by region

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UPDATED at 17h on 5/12/21

Several of Spain’s regions are making it compulsory to show the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate – also referred to as the ‘Covid passport’ – in order to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, visit hospitals or care homes, and participate in other activities.

The Covid passport can be accessed in Spain via each region’s healthcare system, and officially confirms whether the bearer has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, has recently recovered from the virus, or has recently tested negative for it.

Below we give details for each region regarding whether they have introduced Covid passport measures, or if they are waiting for court approval for the measures to be ratified. We will do our best to update the details, as and when they are officially announced by the authorities or ratified by the courts. Please consider supporting Spain in English with a donation.


The Covid-19 certificate finally became compulsory in bars, restaurants, gyms, sports centres and elderly care homes in Catalonia from midnight on Thursday 2 December, going into Friday 3 December.

The measure had been suspended a week before, just a few hours after coming into force, after 300,000 people downloaded their passes and La Meva Salut website crashed.

The Catalan High Court had ruled to approve the use of the ‘Covid passport’ – the first court ruling in Spain to approve them for hospitality venues – and the measure will be in force for at least two weeks (from Friday 3 December), after which the authorities will review its effectiveness and decide whether to extend it or alter it in any way.  

It remains to be seen if the measure will be extended to other establishments in the coming days after health authorities had also recommended introducing the use of Covid passes to enter cinemas and theatres.

Catalan government spokesperson Patrícia Plaja said that the increase in transmissions, especially among under 12s and 30-49 age group, was ‘already noticeable’ in hospitals. Up to now in Catalonia, Covid passports demonstrating proof of vaccination, recovery from the virus, or a recent negative test had been required to enter nightclubs or attend events in hotels and restaurants with indoor dance floors.


The Covid passport is not currently required in Andalusia. Regional health authorities requested it for people visiting hospitals and nursing homes, but this was then denied by the High Court of Andalusia on Thursday, because a time period was not stipulated. The regional government is now planning to request Covid vaccination certificates for nightlife venues. 


The Covid passport is required at nighttime venues, celebrations in hospitality venues and large-scale events, of over 500 people indoors and 1,000 outside. The High Court of Aragón has not yet ratified the measure, but not stopped the measure from being introduced.


The regional government is not currently considering any measures that require the Covid certificate to be shown. 


The Covid passport is now required for visiting care homes and for bars, restaurants and nightlife venues with indoor capacity for over 50 people. The court has approved the measure and it runs from Saturday 4 December until 24 January.


The Supreme Court has given approval for the Basque regional government to introduce the Covid passport in restaurants that can have more than 50 customers and in nightclubs, dance halls or venues where there are shows.

It is understood that pubs and bars that have ordinary activities and then offer nightlife will have to ask customers to show their Covid certificates from 10pm. 

The request had originally been made to the Basque High Court, but it was denied with division among the judges. The government initially opted not to appeal the decision, but on Wednesday decided to take the case to the Supreme Court – and which has now approved the request.

The measure will apply as long as the Basque Country has a cumulative incidence rate of more than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. It was at 471 on Monday.


The Canary Islands government has asked the regional High Court for authorisation to request proof of a negative PCR result or a Covid certificate in all venues that are currently subject to restrictions on capacity and opening hours. If ratified, the plan is for the measure to come into effect in December.


The Cantabria High Court refused the regional government’s request to introduce the Covid passport last summer. For now, the Covid passport has not come into effect in Cantabria. 


The regional government of Castilla-La Mancha does not currently believe it is necessary to introduce the Covid certificate.


The regional government is waiting for a report about the Covid passport’s use in hospitals and hotels, which would be the first areas it would be required if any plan is introduced.


The regional government in Extremadura does not currently believe it is necessary to require the Covid passport.


The Galician High Court has approved use of the Covid passport for citizens wanting to visit patients in hospitals and also for nightlife venues. The regional government is also awaiting authorisation from the courts to require the document for entry into bars and restaurants from 9pm onwards.


The regional government of La Rioja has no plans to introduce the use of the Covid passport.


The Madrid region is not requiring Covid passports for access to any kind of venue. 


The High Court in Murcia region has backed the use of the Covid certificate in nightlife venues and at events with large crowds. Demanding to show the passport, however, is not obligatory. If it is required by the venue, 100% capacity is permitted, and if not, 75%.


On Thursday, the Navarra High Court approved the use of the Covid passport in the region. From 27 November to 6 January, the document will be required for access to restaurants that hold more than 60 customers, venues with a nightclub license and banquet halls. The certificate will also be required for access to cultural events that are for more than 1,000 people, are indoors and where food and drink can be consumed.


A Valencian court on Monday 29 November approved the requirement of the Covid passport for people to gain access to the inside of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hospitals and care homes in the region, from Friday 3 December. 

People who visit a bar, restaurant, café or nightclub that can cater for more than 50 customers will have to show a Covid certificate to prove their vaccination, testing or recovery status. Those visiting a hospital or care home will also have to show their Covid certificate.

Large events where people will have to show their Covid passport include celebrations such as weddings or first communions, as well as music festivals, indoors and outdoors.

The certificate is not required at outdoor terraces, or in cinemas or theatres. The measure is expected to remain in place throughout December and the New Year period.

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