24th March 2023
Health workers preparing to administer vaccinations in Catalonia
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Coronavirus in Spain (21 Sept) – incidence rate falls to 78

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (28 Sept)

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Report below updated in Spain at 19.45h on Tues 21 Sept 

CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest Health Ministry figures

The latest official figure released by the Spanish Health Ministry on Tuesday 21 Sept for the number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus since the start of the pandemic is now 4,937,984. This is an overall increase of 2,450 against the figure released on Monday, of which 1,306 have been registered in the past 24 hours.

Monday had seen an overall increase of 5,988 over Friday, of which 555 were registered in 24 hours. The peak of recorded infections for a 24-hour period during the pandemic in Spain was on 21 January, when 18,504 cases were registered.

The overall incidence rate across Spain has fallen another 5 points to 78.88 per 100,000 inhabitants for the past 14 days. On Monday it was 83.43 and Friday 91.21. The region with the lowest incidence rate is Asturias at 21. Only three regions have an incidence rate higher than 100: the Balearic Islands (109), Cantabria (109) and the Basque Country (107).

There have now been 37,431 cases of Coronavirus detected in the past 14 days – out of the total 4,937,984. The figure for the past 7 days is 15,160. 

There are currently 3,450 people requiring hospital treatment for Covid-19 in Spain (previously 3,668), of which 931 are in intensive are (979). This represents 10.21% occupation of intensive care units (ICUs) by Covid patients across Spain (10.71%).

The official figure for the total number of Coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic on Tuesday 21 Sept is now 85,983 – an increase of 82 since Monday.

Increase in infections per region

Of the 1,306 new infections to have only been registered in the past 24 hours on Tuesday 21 Sept, the numbers per region are as follows:

  • 342 in Madrid (last 24hr increase: 77)
  • 246 in Catalonia (83)
  • 107 in the Basque Country (62)
  • 90 in Aragón (52)
  • 81 in the Canary Islands (60)
  • 78 in Castilla y León (30)
  • 77 in Murcia (12)
  • 52 in Andalusia (20)
  • 44 in the Balearic Islands (42)
  • 40 in Extremadura (25)
  • 37 in Cantabria (36)
  • 37 in the Valencia Region (4)
  • 30 in Galicia (18)
  • 23 in Navarra (10)
  • in La Rioja (5)
  • in Asturias (5) – no update today
  • 0 in Castilla La Mancha (0)
  • 8 in Ceuta (4)
  • 8 in Melilla (10)

A full breakdown of the data per region can be found by clicking here.

Health workers preparing to administer vaccinations in Catalonia
Health workers preparing to administer vaccinations in Catalonia. (Catalan Health Dept)

Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain

Latest figures (with data still collated up to Sunday 19 September) show that Spain has administered 69,427,047 jabs of Covid-19 vaccines. 37,472,155 people have now received at least one jab, representing 79.0% of the total population. 36,086,354 people have now been fully vaccinated, which is 76.1% of the total population. In a separate report, we publish the amount of vaccines administered for each region and its population in Spain, as well as the overall percentage of citizens vaccinated per age group: Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain

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