26th February 2021
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An invitation to join us on ‘Spain in English’ in 2021

We launched ‘Spain in English’ in early 2019 and feel proud about what we have achieved to date – thanks mainly to you, our readers and followers. We’re a small team but with huge ambitions, and we’re now keen to grow during 2021.

Our overall project and business model is not just ‘Spain in English’. Our objective is to be the authority in English-language media, marketing and communications in Spain, across digital, mobile, audio and video platforms, as well as with select print products. We also plan to offer digital marketing, event & tour organisation and other communication services to clients, including design and branding, through a parallel agency division. Our ‘Spain in English’ model will evolve to include a network of other sites, through further launches, acquisitions and also ‘in collaboration’ or ‘in partnership’ with existing regionalised media. It’s a huge project, but exciting and with immense potential – and we are already in discussions with potential partners.

With all this in mind, we’d like to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved with our project during 2021, at whatever level. It could be that you are already a publisher in Spain (digital or print), or a ‘content creator’, and feel that we could benefit by having a partnership of some sort. It could be that you are an investor or entrepreneur, with other business interests that might have clear synergies with our plans – and that you can see the potential in coming on board (we are actively looking for investment and would be happy to share our business plans with you). Or it might be that you have your own design or branding agency, and could work with us to offer these services to our clients. It might even be that you are an expert in advertising sales and digital marketing, and are currently looking for a new challenge. One way or another, it would be great to hear from you. Please get in touch.

We are always looking for writers from all corners of Spain, too – especially post-Covid (hopefully soon), when we aim to again expand our content, both in subject matter and geographically. Unfortunately, however, we are currently unable to pay for contributions (although that will eventually change). If that doesn’t put you off, please do submit articles for consideration, about any subject matter or area of Spain. We can help you to build up your portfolio of published articles and can always link to your own blog, if you have one (we’re actively looking for more business content, for example – as well as travel and gastronomy). We are aware that we have still not replied to some previous editorial submissions, and we hope to catch up on this in the New Year. The Covid-19 news has taken priority (and taken up most of our resources) during 2020. Please bear with us.

So – please do contact us. You can write to me directly at: tim.parfitt@spainenglish.com – or also to editorial@spainenglish.com for editorial submissions.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for supporting us, following us and recommending us to others – and I wish you a very safe and a very Happy New Year!

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