25th September 2023
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Spain reiterates that international visitors must wait until 1 July

The Spanish government clarified comments made only two hours earlier by Reyes Maroto, the Tourism Minister, during Thursday. She had initially said that the restrictions at land borders with France and Portugal would be lifted from 22 June.

Maroto had also said that ‘in principle’ the 14-day quarantine requirements for anyone entering Spain would be lifted that day, coinciding with the end of the ‘state of alarm’. The Spanish Congress voted to extend the ‘state of alarm’ on Wednesday for a final time until 21 June.

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The Spanish government has since reiterated that international visitors will not be allowed to arrive in Spain until 1 July, as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had originally announced.

‘Safe international movement will take place from 1 July,’ a statement read. It also stated that the government is in permanent contact with the European Commission and EU member states to coordinate and ‘harmonize’ the lifting of restrictions at the borders between EU countries.

When the ‘state of alarm’ ends on 21 June, mobility restrictions within Spain itself will be lifted.

Meanwhile, Germany has put the date of 15 June for when traveling to EU countries will no longer be discouraged for citizens, except to Spain and Norway.

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Darren 11th June 2020 at 5:57 pm

BUT UK visitors will not be allowed to enter even then unless they have a green resident document. Of course, things may change by then


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