21st June 2024
Placido Domingo
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Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo accused of sexual harassment

World famous opera tenor Placido Domingo has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women, in a report published by the Associated Press (AP).

Several of the accusers, one of whom was identified, accuse Domingo of trying to use his position as one of opera’s most famous names to force them into sexual relationships.

Eight singers and a dancer have said they were sexually harassed in incidents going back to the 1980s. One said Domingo had put his hand down her skirt and three have said he had forcibly kissed them.

Some said they felt their careers had been damaged by rejecting his advances.

Placido Domingo
Plácido Domingo. (Chad Batka / placidodomingo.com)

Spanish-born Domingo was one of the most recognised tenors of the 20th century, starring in the Three Tenors alongside Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras.

Domingo has made more than 100 albums and picked up 14 Grammy awards. Earlier this year he celebrated his 4,000th performance in a career that stretches back 60 years.

Domingo has spent most of his later career in the United States as director general of the Los Angeles opera.

He was due to appear at the Philadelphia Orchestra‘s opening night concert on 18 September but the organisation said, in the light of the allegations, it had withdrawn its invitation.

In a statement issued to the AP by Plácido Domingo’s publicist, Domingo has called the accusations ‘deeply troubling, and as presented, inaccurate’.

‘Still, it is painful to hear that I may have upset anyone or made them feel uncomfortable no matter how long ago and despite my best intentions,’ he continued.

‘I believed that all of my interactions and relationships were always welcomed and consensual.

‘People who know me or who have worked with me know that I am not someone who would intentionally harm, offend, or embarrass anyone.’

The allegations against Domingo are the latest in a series of sexual harassment claims made against high-profile entertainment personalities, which have become known collectively as the #MeToo movement.

They have seen television icon Bill Cosby jailed, with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein awaiting the start of his trial next month.

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