6th June 2023
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Police detain jihadi suspect in Barcelona

Spanish Guardia Civil police have detained a suspected Islamic state follower in Barcelona who they believe was planning to commit an attack in the city.

According to reports, the man is allegedly related to the terrorist group Daesh and was looking for targets to commit a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Authorities have said that they had been picking up on references regarding the radicalisation of the man for at least four years, but that it was being maintained under an appearance of ‘discretion’.

During this current ‘state of alarm’ confinement, however – according to the police – the suspect then became fully radicalised in a ‘highly striking and worrying’ way.

La Rambla
A policeman stands guard on the Rambla on 18 August 2017, a day after a van ploughed into the crowds, killing 13 persons and injuring over 100 in Barcelona. (Javier Soriano / AFP)

The suspect is of Moroccan origin and allegedly posted various declarations on social media of his adherence to terrorist groups and his hatred of the west. He had also been seen skipping confinement on a regular basis, with the suspicion that he was looking for targets.

The police regard the detainee to be ‘totally influenced by the propaganda and postulates of Daesh’, a group to which they say he has sworn allegiance. The police consider the man ‘a real threat to security’.

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