16th July 2024
Sitges News

Neighbourhood concerns for broken windows and thefts from several cars

Residents of the Can Robert neighbourhood of Sitges woke up last Friday with the unpleasant surprise that someone had broken the windows of several cars parked in the area, with the aim of stealing from them.

It appears the perpetrators broke the smaller windows of the vehicles to avoid making noise and to then access them in search of any objects of interest.

Most of the complaints from the affected residents have been for damage to their cars, but there were also thefts from inside the vehicles. The Local Police of Sitges received a total of nine complaints and the case has been referred to the Mossos d’Esquadra, who are now investigating the events, with uniformed patrols and also civilian agents.

The night before a similar event had happened in the Granja 2 area, close to Plana Est, when a neighbour woke up to find the window of his car broken, and where there have also been several home burglaries and some attempts, recently. There are neighbours who believe that it is the same group of people and demand solutions to the problem as they are very concerned.

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