16th July 2024
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The PSC and Junts per Sitges agree to form a local coalition government

Ten days after the local elections in Sitges and after several meetings between the representatives of the political parties, there is ‘white smoke’.

Yesterday evening’s PSC (Catalan Socialists) assembly ratified a pact with the Junts per Sitges party. After more than three hours of lively debate, the ‘priority and majority’ option of the socialists is to go ahead with the agreement with the party led by Mònica Gallardo. However, the executive board is also a supporter of this pact.

The two parties, according to the statement they issued jointly on Thursday afternoon, are working to ‘establish a government agreement at the municipal level in coherence with the electoral proposals of both formations during the mandate’.

They stated that both candidacies ‘make a commitment to increase and expand this way of working with other formations, prioritising working on an agreement with Verds En Comú Podem‘, who in a separate statement, have explained that ‘they rule out an agreement with the ERC and SGI parties and will explore new ways of understanding’.

The groups are working to close an agreement and in the coming days they will make known ‘the strategic lines of the programme to form the local government’.

Everything therefore indicates that at the Investiture Plenum next Saturday 17 June, Gallardo will be invested as the new mayor of Sitges. To achieve an alternative majority, the acting mayor, Aurora Carbonell, needs the support of eleven councillors, and right now she doesn’t have the numbers. 

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