28th September 2023
Sitges News

New mural celebrates the Sitges Corpus being declared Festival of National Interest

A large mural has been unveiled in the Plaça Catalunya of Sitges to commemorate that Corpus Christi has been designated a Heritage Festival of National Interest by the Catalan government.

The work was officially inaugurated with a children’s party. The mural was created by Berok, a company specialising in urban graffiti, many of which are realistic and figurative. In this case, a woman and a young girl are shown creating a carpet of flowers, and next to them are a man and young boy contemplating the long carpet. The mural is eight metres long and was made on a wall next to the Josep Roig i Raventós Library.

The work was inaugurated with a children’s party organised by the Corpus Commission, which attracted dozens of local boys and girls. The mayoress, Aurora Carbonell, and the local councillor for fiestas, David Martínez, and members of the commission also participated. This year, Corpus Christi celebrates its status as a Heritage Festival of National Interest.

From 9-18 June, Sitges will once again celebrate one of the most traditional and emotional festivals in the local calendar. On Sunday 11 June the streets of Sitges will be filled with carpets of flowers.

ALSO READ: The Sitges Corpus declared as a ‘Heritage Festival of National Interest’.

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