26th September 2023
Sitges News

‘Sitges Next’ will host a line-up of experts in communication & creativity

Sitges Next – the festival dedicated to promoting innovation in communication for brands, agencies, start-ups and technological creators – has confirmed the schedule of presentations that complete the programming for the weekend of 10-11 November at the Mercat Vell in Sitges.

Among the speakers, there are 30 experts in the field of communication and creativity who will share their knowledge and experiences with the audience.

The event seeks to discuss the latest trends in the communication sector and its most radical innovation. To achieve this, the event will have prestigious guests who have important careers in management positions in companies such as Facebook or Nike.

As a special guest, the presence of Jorge Calleja, one of the global managers of Meta Reality Labs – the company that owns Facebook – and with previous experience as creative director of Coca-Cola, among others, stands out. The conference will also have the presence of Jordi Pont, current creative director of Nike at international level, and who has developed global campaigns for the brand in the world of basketball, football and Nike Women.

The seventh edition of the festival will highlight innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, and tech start-ups, with the aim of generating connections among the attendees and contribute to transforming the way of communication in the coming years.

Within the programme, different campaigns, strategies, technological applications, agencies, brands and new realities will be presented as innovative case studies in the world of communication. 

Tickets to Sitges Next are free and can be obtained by filling in the form on the festival’s official website (https://sitgesnext.com) , promoted by the Sitges Town Council in the effort to further promote Sitges as a centre for the audiovisual world.

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