26th November 2022
Sitges News

Improvement work at Sitges municipal schools completed for new school year

Sitges municipal schools (referred to as público schools) have undergone various renovations in time for the new school year.

Improvement work has been carried out at Esteve Barrachina, Miquel Utrillo and Maria Ossó schools, and at the La Moixiganga and El Cercolet kindergartens, to include improving the appearance of the facilities and renewing some equipment for the new academic year.

The work, consisting of repainting the corridors, classrooms, doors and some outside areas of the schools and kindergartens, began at the start of summer, taking advantage of the holidays and to not interrupt school activities.

The renovation project has involved a municipal investment of €141,800 and, according to the local councillor for education, David Martínez, the works ‘are very important’, so that ‘schools offer quality and equal opportunities’.

The most important work has taken place at the Esteve Barrachina school, where the student toilets on the first and second floors of the building have been renovated, and the connection between the school and the street altered.

As for the Miquel Utrillo school, parquet flooring has been installed in two classrooms, according to the local council, and the kitchen floor has been modified. Meanwhile at the Maria Ossó school, the perimeter fence has been re-painted and the parquet floor in the gymnasium has been changed.

At Bressol La Moixiganga, the doors leading to the public road and the interior have been improved, and the natural wood near the doors has been cleaned and restored. At El Cercolet kindergarten, the lower part of the walls have been renovated.

In addition to this work, classrooms, doors and play areas have undergone the usual comprehensive cleaning and maintenance over the summer, and even some of the pedestrian crossings close to the schools have been repainted.

Entrance of the Maria Ossó school

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