29th November 2023
Sitges News

Reform of ‘Can Pau Roig’ in Sant Pere de Ribes approved by local council

The historic building of Can Pau Roig in Sant Pere de Ribes continues to wait for its new project to be installed there.

It is now more than 18 months since an agreement was signed for the transfer of the use of its space, which is owned by the municipality, at the Institute of Robotics for Dependency (IRD), a private foundation based in Sitges.

IRD is a non-profit organisation created by the Ave Maria Foundation, specialising in research and training in robotics and assistive technology for disabled and dependant persons, in order to improve their quality of life, as well as the quality of life of their families and care professionals.

The IRD signed an agreement with Sant Pere de Ribes Town Council in January 2021 to lease the property for an initial and renewable period of 10 years for their Never Alone project, a platform designed to guarantee home support for the elderly and dependent people, enabling them to stay at home and guarantee their quality of life.

In July, the Ribes local government approved the executive project and basic health and safety study for the reform and change of use of the building. Currently, the file is on public display until next 5 September. Then its final approval will be ratified.

The state of the building last week. (Joan Colet)

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