27th September 2022
Garbage remains alongside a rubbish container in Quint Mar, Sitges, after a visit by wild boar.
Sitges News

Wild boars continue to cause havoc in Sitges neighbourhoods close to the Garraf park

Wild boars are increasingly approaching closer to urbanisations in Sitges. The exponential increase in the population of these animals has become a problem throughout Catalonia. Also in Sitges, especially in the neighbourhoods closest to the Garraf park.

In Quint Mar, there have been many reports of multiple damage caused by wild boars in gardens, patios, on street furniture and bins – and the residents are demanding solutions.

‘They appear anywhere, in the most unexpected areas. The wild boars go directly into the patios and gardens of the houses, into the parking lots of the community flats, they jump over the fences, they knock over rubbish containers … they’re everywhere,’ said Domingo Serrano, the president of the Quint Mar Neighbourhood Association.

However, while there are action plans in place for Catalonia as a whole, this means that it often limits the powers that local administrations have to tackle the problem.

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