4th February 2023
Sitges police control last weekend.
Sitges News

Police detain drunk father and 16-year-old son for driving in Sitges

The Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, stopped a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old at 3.30am on Saturday morning in Sitges. His parents were also in the car, but as they had been drinking more alcohol than the legal limit for driving, they let the minor drive.

The father and the minor were arrested and the mother is being investigated further, because they had reportedly left another of their children, aged 9, in their hotel room.

The events happened in the early hours of Saturday in Passeig de Vilanova in Sitges. The family was staying in a hotel and the parents went to a show on Friday night. Since they had consumed an amount of alcohol that exceeded the limit for driving, they asked their 16-year-old son to drive them back to the hotel – but then they ran into the Mossos.

At first, the father refused to identify himself, but finally was forced to do so when faced with the reality of the situation. The police detained the father and son, but let the mother return to the hotel, but will be investigating further.

Sitges police control last weekend.
File image of a Sitges police control.

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