25th September 2022
Sitges News

61-year-old man dies on the street in Sitges of a heart attack

A 61-year-old man, of French nationality and a resident in Sitges, suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest on Sunday afternoon in the Carrer Joan Maragall. Medical teams who arrived at the scene tried to resuscitate him, but were sadly unable to do anything to save his life.

The events took place at 5.45pm on the corner of Joan Maragall and Magí Casanovas. The man was walking down the street alone when he had a heart attack. In addition to the ambulances, agents from the Local Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra also went to the scene.

The events have had a significant impact on local residents in the neighbourhood and others who were walking nearby. The Mossos have taken charge of the proceedings.

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