15th August 2022
Sitges News

Sitges Council has approved the first six concessionaires for beach services

The governing board of Sitges Town Council held an urgent and extraordinary session last Friday to approve the licenses for the first six concessionaires to operate beach services, and which are five bars and a parasailing activity.

The beaches where the first concessionaires for bars have been finalised are Cala dels Gegants, Platja d’Aiguadolç, Cala de Vallcarca, Cala Morisca and Platja de Garraf . The sixth award, which is the parasailing activity, will be based on the Terramar Beach.

With the approval granted by the council since last Friday, the concessionaires can now set up their facilities and start working.

The awards for granting beach services are following a process prescribed by law, and the council is still working on the final part of the bidding process for the remaining lots, with the highest scoring applications expected to be decided within the next few days. Once they have then submitted any necessary documentation, the local government board will approve the final procedure and they will also be able to be installed on the awarded beaches.

The council foresees that around the festival of Sant Joan, 23 June, the vast majority of beach bars and services will have been approved. From then on, each concessionaire can decide when to start installing their facilities and start working.

Currently, the beaches already have surveillance points and lifeguards, and which started from 1 May.

During the high season (25 June to 4 August), the rescue hours are being extended from 10am to 7pm, with 31 lifeguards. From 10-24 June and from the 5-25 September (mid season), the schedule will be from 11am to 6pm with 27 lifeguards, while from the 3-9 June and the 26 September to 15 October (low season) there will be a rescue service between 12 noon and 6pm with 19 lifeguards. The low and mid season services will be extended by one hour each day, depending where the service is most required.

Also new this year is that the beaches of Cala Ginesta and Cala Morisca will have a rescue service from the mid-season (10-24 June and 5-25 September). All rescue personnel will include doctors.

The beaches already have 49 showers installed, 53 footbaths, as well as the public address system and buoys in place to mark the bathing areas. 12 adapted and five conventional toilets have also been installed. During the month of June, there will be two more adapted toilets and nine more standard toilets. Until 14 September, the toilets will be cleaned daily, while the second half of September it will be four times a week.

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