26th June 2022
Sitges News

Sitges local schools mainly disagree with 25% ruling of Spanish in classroom

Schools and educational centres of Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes are mostly against the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia’s ruling, which requires the inclusion of 25% of teaching hours in Spanish.

‘We do not agree, Catalan is a language that must be looked after … [whereas] Spanish is already spoken more among the students,’ said Lucía Baig, director of the Costerets de Ribes school. Carme Pons, principal of Les Roquetes school, thinks that ‘increasing the hours of Spanish doesn’t benefit our students’, while the Mediterrània school principal Ana Garcia said: ‘Catalan is just spoken with the teacher, or to do an oral activity in the classroom; but in reality, they already do many more hours in Spanish than in Catalan.’

At the Miquel Utrillo school, its director Pau Canut said that ‘nothing of what we have been doing so far will change’, and Ramon Beringues, director of La Pia school, said that ‘language is not a problem in our school’. Other centres, such as Les Parellades or Santa Eulàlia, have not positioned themselves in the debate, while other centres like Barrachina or La Riera have done so directly.

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