25th May 2022
Food & Drink Sitges Lifestyle Spotlight

Spotlight: Punk Bar, Sitges

Sitges has a new, cool, ‘edgy’ venue – the Punk Bar.

It was named ‘punk’ for its attitude rather than for punk music – as a ‘anti-establishment and rebellious hang-out with a cool vibe for young people’, mainly the 18-35 set.

With its décor reminiscent of a laid-back ‘dive bar’ in New York or London – the Punk Bar was created by Milton and his team, the same group behind the popular Esco Bar in Sitges. 

As for the music, you’ll certainly find punk nights but it’s not just about music from the 70s. At the Punk Bar you’ll hear an eclectic mix of cutting edge music every day, with DJs, live bands, as well as karaoke, retro or ‘flashback nights’ – such as ‘back to disco’, ‘back to the 80s’, and even Abba nights. 

The Punk Bar also serves up great value food with its own delicious burgers, as well as vegan burgers, chicken, hot dogs and chilli. There are also free burger nights (including vegan), where they give away burgers. Next one is on Wednesday 11 May between 4pm-8pm. Those who book a table will be rewarded with a free burger.

With classic cocktails, many with a twist, the bar also offers Brewdog Punk IPA, American beers and good value rum and gin (at 7-8 euros for spirits and mixer).

Check out the Punk Bar on Instagram for the latest news on their forthcoming entertainment – with Thursday-Sunday being the most popular nights. And forget everything you even think you know about karaoke! Every Thursday at from 10pm, try the ‘Karaokete’ nights at Punk.

Punk Bar is at Carrer de Sant Pere 28, Sitges 08870, Barcelona. Tel: 93 677 8048

It is open on Mon-Thurs from 12 noon to 2am, on Fri-Sat from 12 noon to 3am, and on Sunday from 1pm to midnight. Food is served every day until 11pm. The bar is also available for private functions.

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