9th February 2023
Sitges News

Sitges enjoys influx of visitors and 90% hotel occupancy rate over Easter period

Sitges saw a huge influx of visitors during Easter, surpassing all optimistic forecasts and which resulted in a nearly full occupancy rate in local hotels and apartments.

With the hotels practically full, as well as restaurants overflowing, shops with constant movement and beaches with many people sunbathing – Sitges felt like pre-pandemic times once again. The high temperatures, after cloudy and cold weather during March and early April, combined with low Covid data, ensured that Sitges once again became the main destination for local tourism, as well as receiving many international visitors.

Hotel occupancy forecasts were at 90% over the Easter weekend, but in some cases the ‘fully booked’ sign was even visible. It also felt like August this Easter for the local hospitality sector, with most restaurants full. In Sitges it was almost impossible to have lunch in a restaurant without prior reservation.

The high influx of visitors and tourists has also had a positive impact on local trade. With the streets full, many stores have enjoyed a high turnover of customers, with the same for other sectors, such as the local taxi drivers or in the Port of Aiguadolç, also full of visitors over Easter.

The only sector that was unable to take advantage of the holiday period was that of beach concessionaires.

For the first time in more than 30 years there were no sun beds or chiringuito bars on the beaches during Easter, as the old contracts have expired and the new ones have not yet come into force. They are expected to finally do so in May, once 200 applications have been reviewed and selected.

The local councillor for tourism, Luismi García, expressed his satisfaction with the result of Easter and stated that from Turisme de Sitges ‘we are working normally to present the best tourist, gastronomic and cultural offer on the entire Catalan coast’ .

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