19th May 2022
Sitges News

Sitges pet owners receive free kits to promote keeping the streets clean

Sitges Town Council is setting up distribution points throughout this month of February to give out free gift packs to local pet owners.

From 8am-11am, anyone with a registered pet in Sitges will be able to pick up their free kit by simply going along to one of the distribution points and showing an identity card. Each kit consists of a bottle of water to dissolve urine, bags to collect excrement and an information leaflet.

In addition, data can be updated for each pet at the information booths, such as the owners’ change of address or telephone number. If the pet has not yet been registered by the OAC, the procedure required to do so will also be explained. At the time the pet is registered, the gift kit will be automatically received.

Local councillor for public health, Elisabeth Pérez, said that ‘the gift of this kit is a thank you to people who have already registered their pet’. She said that ‘it is a civic duty that helps us to keep up to date the number of pets in Sitges and thus be able to provide services that are more in line with reality’. She explained that since the elimination of the fee in January for registering animals, that registrations had increased, and added that ‘the awareness campaign will continue because the abandonment of excrement is not just a health problem, but it is also an issue of co-existence and the image of Sitges’.

The dates and locations of the information booths are as follows (hours are 8am to 11am):

  • 9 February – Plaça dels Castellers
  • 10 February – Passeig de Vilafranca 39 (entrance to Can Robert carpark)
  • 11 February – Antoni Muntañola street (Parc del Vinyet)
  • 12 February – Passeig de Vilafranca (near the ‘Sitges’ letters sculpture)
  • 14 February – Carrer de Ramon de Dalmase, 5 (in front of the Maria Ossó school)
  • 15 February – Next to the hermitage of Sant Sebastià
  • 16 February – Carrer de la Creu Roja 9 (sports court)
  • 17 February – Passeig del Margalló 17 (in front of the Quint Mar Civic Center)
  • 18 February – at the OAC of the town of Garraf
  • 24 February – at the OAC of Les Botigues

People who are unable to collect the kits at the places indicated can contact the local public health service at sanitat@sitges.cat or by telephone at: 93 810 9100, and a way to collect the kits will be agreed. Anyone who registers their pet at the OAC will also automatically receive the gift kit.

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