19th May 2022
Panoramic view of Sitges.
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Direct financial aid for the Sitges hospitality and catering sector

Sitges Town Council has set a deadline of 21 February for applying for direct aid for the hospitality and catering sector.

A sum of 187,500 euros that comes from the Council’s ‘extraordinary, contingency & social emergency fund’ has been set aside, with the aim of ‘supporting companies linked to the hospitality and catering industry that make up the tourism sector, and which have had to cease opening to the public as a result of the measures decreed during the declaration of the state of alarm’, said the local councillor for tourism, Luís Miguel García.

The aid is to compensate part of the drop in income comparing the years 2020 and 2019, according to the annual accounts presented in the Mercantile Registry, and with the maximum amount of aid depending on the size of ​​each establishment.

Interested companies should click here for the application process. The following maximum amounts are set based on the area of ​​each establishment:

  • Up to 90 metres – €275
  • From 90 to 200m – €400
  • From 200 to 700m – €800
  • From 700 to 1,000m – €1,500
  • Up to 3,750m – €2,000
  • Over 3,750m €2,500

Grants can be applied for up until 21 February 2022. The proposal was approved in the September Plenary Session in order to compensate for the decrease in income of companies or establishments in the hospitality and catering sector as a result of the pandemic.

The local councillor for finance, Carme Almirall, said that ‘the contribution of these activities to the economy of Sitges is absolutely necessary and fundamental’. She said that ‘for this reason the Town Council must contribute to correct the situation of market distortion caused by the current health situation and minimise the negative effects it has had’. She added: ‘We want to stress the effort that this council has made, is making, and will to continue to make, for the tourism sector.’

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