20th January 2022
Sitges town centre.
Sitges News

New lines of aid approved for Sitges businesses and self-employed

At the last Sitges Town Council board meeting in 2021, the local government approved new lines of aid, including the final award of Line B of the extraordinary aid intended to finance the rent or mortgage for companies and commercial establishments.

The single payment of Line A of the extraordinary financial aid intended to reinforce economic activities with suspension or limitation of opening to the public was also approved.

For 2021, the number of applications received had doubled. So far, the local government has reviewed a total of 911 requests, with 627 (68.83%) accepted and 284 excluded. The sector that has requested the most subsidies approved by the Town Council is the restaurant sector, which has been 32.15% of the applications.

Currently, 568,711.43 euros has been paid out to companies and the self-employed. 

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